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  Most Japanese shipyards have the tendency to keep on using old drawings for vessels, to refuse to revise or renew them at all and to neglect their new development. They are spoiling the future of shipbuilding by themselves. This is the reality of the situation for Japanese shipbuilding nowadays. The result is that young people are losing their interest for shipbuilding, and as a result the industry is becoming obselete.  
  Contrary to the afore mentioned situation, we, Sasaki Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. always aggressively tackle the issues with regard to the needs and troubles brought forward by ship-owners, ship-operators, charterers and cargo interests together with the parties concerned. We keep on studying the issues and continuously develop our knowledge and technology day by day to be used by the next generation of Japanese shipbuilders, maintaining our excellency in this field.  
  Our staff at all times deliberate on new subjects and seek for the best ideas. They have sometimes been confronted with difficulties but through such experiences, they have gained firm knowledge, proficiency, ability and practical flexibility in the real sense of the word "Builder", and at the same time, the young staff has been growing.  
  With "Build Each and Every Vessel with Our Whole Heart and Soul" being the philosophy of our shipbuilding ethos, a philosophy established and promulgated by our predecessors which has been proudly succeeded by us, it is our mission to project, design and build the most unique vessels ever seen, keeping with our philosophy of shipbuilding.  
  We do business not only with domestic owners but also direct with foreign owners. As we deal with the overseas market, we get a unique insight into new ways to challenge ourselves with new ideas and experiments.  
  The owner who wishes to built ships using their own concepts, the fresh designer who wishes to design unique ships and the fresh craftsmen who wishes to challenge his own level of skill in the active workplace, are all welcome to contact us. Let's envisage, think of and build vessels for the future, together.  

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Newly Developing Design
7,000DWT Chemical Tanker 
     (Methanol DF)
10,000DWT Chemical Tanker 
     (Methanol DF)
13,000DWT Chemical Tanker 
     (Methanol DF)
13,000DWT General Cargo 
     (Methanol DF)
5,000CBM LPG Carrier 
     (Hydrogen DF)
4,000DWT Methanol Bunkering Vessel 
6,500DWT Methanol Bunkering Vessel 
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